Health Products Xchange Sees a Strong Surge in Medical Supply Listings

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HPX is a digital marketplace, linking healthcare providers, distributors, manufacturers, and brokers to share real-time visibility and access to critical medical supplies. Through the platform, trading partners share medical product supply and demand data to easily trade (buy, sell, share, and donate) through a secure platform designed exclusively for healthcare’s unique safety requirements.  Since launching, the primary focus of the company has been to build inventory and sources of supply.

HPX credits the early success to the healthcare providers, manufacturers, and distributors who have embraced the idea of an electronic marketplace that improves access to medical supplies conducted on a safe, secure platform.  HPX President Scott Broussard commented, “we appealed to a variety of market sources to post their available supply of high-demand products, and they responded beyond our expectations.  In just over a month of operation, we have gone from zero to approaching ten million dollars in available supplies listed while establishing a national network of credentialed sources.”

HPX expects to continue to see significant expansion in supply sources allowing the organization to shift more of their attention to the mission of getting those products in the hands of healthcare providers with the most critical need.   HPX CEO E.V. Clarke stated, “with all that healthcare has been through in the past 12 months, the industry’s most significant supply risk is to do nothing differently.  The value that HPX provides is a vital piece of taking back control of the healthcare supply chain.  While the speed at which things are moving has surprised us, the engagement and support for the solution is no surprise.”  

About Health Products Xchange: HPX was founded by healthcare supply chain experts and technologists with over 100 combined years of experience concerned by the stability of the Health Care Supply Chain.  HPX spent nearly two years prior to the current pandemic working with Healthcare Providers, Distributors, Liquidators and Manufacturers to build  The organization is dedicated to ensuring no patient goes untreated due to lack of access or visibility to available supply. To learn more visit

Contact: E.V Clarke, CEO Health Products Xchange or 804-400-9250

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