Senior Tech Use Survey Finds 100% Are Concerned About Being Scammed Online

New survey finds leading tech challenges for parents and grandparents 

Boston, MA– With an increasing number of jobs going remote and now news of a variety of COVID19 related online scams, the need to keep your parents and grandparents up-to-date and educated on the latest technology is more important than ever. Orchard Info, an senior 

assistance company whose primary purpose is to help older adults be able to adapt to new technology by providing phone and internet support to walk your loved ones step-by-step through these new technology processes, just released their Senior Tech Use Survey. 

This groundbreaking survey asked people 65+ about their biggest barriers to technology. Some of the key findings included: 

100% of those surveyed shared either somewhat or shared that they were very concerned about being scammed. 

● The top three areas seniors struggle most with in terms of technology are organizing files (53%), passwords and accounts (46%), and Zoom (42%) 

● When asked what caused them the most frustration 54% of those surveyed said it was learning a new tech device which beat common frustrations like being stuck in traffic. Learning a new device causes 50% of those surveyed the most anxiety compared to going to the dentist (30%), hearing strange sounds at night (19%) or going to the doctor (0%). Almost half of those surveyed (47%) spend on average 2-3 hours a week learning how to use new technology and 46% said they spend 30-60 minutes trying to troubleshooting by themselves when a technology issue arrives 

“The best ways we can improve the value of life and work productivity of our older population is to better understand the challenges many face,” said Ming Yang, Founder and CEO, Orchard. “2020 has pushed the envelope for many seniors tech capabilities and this data shows the increased need for meaningful and empathetic tech support for our older loved ones. 

Media Contact: Mary Elkordy, 

About Orchard: 

Orchard provides personalized technology coaching and support for older adults and regional senior centers to help them level up their digital skills. Incorporating. Orchard’s services are delivered nationwide through highly vetted and in-house training . 

Orchard was founded by Ming Yang, experience at Microsoft and Apple, and an award-winning leader. Orchard’s goal is to with their mission to nurture and empower older adults and help them grow their confidence and sense of security. Orchard provides personalized technology coaching and support for older adults to help them level up their digital skills, feel comfortable and confident, and stay safe. Orchard is providing services nationwide by a team of highly vetted Tech Coaches who are trained with specifically designed Orchard in-house training that incorporates principles from education, geriatric care, 

and counseling. The company’s mission is to nurture and empower older adults to do more and help them grow their confidence and sense of security. The company name of “Orchard” symbolizes that nurturing community. 

Orchard was founded by entrepreneur and award-winning leader Ming Yang. With a Computer Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction research background, Ming carries her experience from Apple and Microsoft to design and build enjoyable tech learning experiences for older adults who didn’t grow up with technology. As a long-term caregiver for her mom and grandma, her goal is to make technology equally accessible to older adults as it is to the younger generation, allowing them to do more and accomplish more in this fast changing digital age.

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