Therap Announces Plan for Individual and Family Accounts

WATERBURY, Conn., May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the long-standing leader in offering innovative electronic solutions for organizations supporting people in long term care supports, is happy to offer a plan designed for individuals and families to keep track of their personal information, appointments, medical support needs, daily activities, and more.

Therap provides a secure platform for recording information for up to three family members within this new plan, allowing those who have granted access to the account to see a clear picture of each individual’s health and support needs, along with progress in each area. Therap includes various reporting options that can help determine which supports are working for the individual and any changes that may be needed.

Users of this new product will have access to a wide array of tools proven to assist with daily documentation needs. Therap’s Individual Data form allows for recording personal information for each individual, including demographic information, contact information of doctors and physicians, diagnoses, support guidelines, and advanced directives. This information can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available, including mobile devices, and can be shared with medical professionals, teachers, or other support team members. Printable versions of this information can also be kept on hand for emergencies.

Daily activities and other notes can be easily documented from mobile devices and computers by any family member or any support team member granted access. This helps to keep track of well-being and any progress on goals. Therap also features a tool to track the administration of medication. Information on side effects, drug-allergy reactions, and drug-drug interactions are made apparent when adding medications. Additionally, health tracking modules are available and can be used to track and analyze medical appointments, vital signs, height/weight, immunizations, skin integrity, bowel charts, seizures and more. Detailed reports can be generated to understand the overall health status of the individual and determine the necessary actions to be taken.

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