Electronic Health Record System for Long-Term Services and Supports Provides Suite of Tools for Children’s Services Providers

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Therap’s comprehensive documentation system is utilized by children’s services providers including residential, transitional or case management services, and by statewide units overseeing children’s services divisions.  Its more than 80 modules feature tools and forms for home and community-based supports providers, case management agencies, school and aftercare, afterschool programs, and other facilities for children.  Tools include supports and goal tracking, attendance, med administration records, care plans including a template library, planning tools for IEPs,  case notes, clinical notes, referrals, family and foster training documentation, unique form-building tools for assessments, screening and placement questionnaires, electronic visit verification (EVV) and incident event reporting and management.  These tools are used in all 50 states and internationally, by agencies providing youth and adolescent services.

Agencies using Therap provide residential services, foster and home placement services, behavior and respite services, adolescent and early childhood programs among their services.  State departments for children and family services use the system’s intake, eligibility and referral system to track services offered and to securely exchange data with selected Therap providers after referral.  Residential and transitional service providers utilize data collection tools to track services offered, including therapy notes, home visits, and child or family goals worked on during service sessions.  Therap’s reporting and scope of documentation tools mean stakeholders have relevant documentation, assessments and data when making decisions affecting the child and family.

Therap’s attendance and billing tools, along with its electronic visit verification/EVV tools, help agencies remotely track service hours collected across the community, whether in schools, programs, at the child’s home or temporary placement, or elsewhere in the community.  The team can communicate seamlessly, sharing documentation and receiving notifications or alerts of incident or selected events as needed, bringing the entire team of social workers and family service providers and others as desired into the communication loop. 

About Therap

Therap Services is the leading EHR providing secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to intellectual and developmental disability providers and other human services providers across the United States.

Therap’s solution is used to document residential and community-based supports, employment supports, case management, incident reporting, staff training, and electronic billing claim submissions directly to Medicaid and generate claims for third-party billing.

Learn more at www.TherapServices.net.

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