DON Recovery Services Selects Advanced Data Systems as their Clinical (EHR) and Billing Automation Partner

PARAMUS, N.J., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DON Recovery Services (DRS) has chosen to  implement the MedicsCloud Addiction Medicine Clinical and Financial Suite from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) for electronic health records (EHR), Patient Workflow Design, and Billing Technology.

Diane Shaffer, DRS’ Director of Operations, said, “We selected ADS after an extensive search for EHR and billing automation. This was going to be our first venture into the world of EHR and financial operations automation, and we only wanted to do this once. During our evaluations we really focused on process management including front end registration and VOB processing, clinical workflow design, automation of billing routines, and patient engagement tools. ADS stood out to us as the industry leader.”

“Dealing with most of the vendors in this market was hit or miss. ADS’ presentations and discussions were thorough, and each discussion was specifically geared toward DRS’s critical needs and long term corporate goals. ADS never skirted around how they would help our business succeed; they impressed us every single day,” Ms. Shaffer said.

Jim Woods, ADS Vice President of Behavioral Health Services, noted, “It’s always personally gratifying to design clinical and billing automation that will solve an organization’s specific clinical, financial, and operational dilemmas, and to do so under one single platform. Whether the organization is struggling with their current EHR, revenue cycle issues, or limitations in access to data, we are here to support them in overcoming their existing challenges. We really take pride in being able to solve problems.”

Kimber Rice, DRS’ Administrator, said, “We’ve had such a great experience with ADS, from the system design to now working with the ADS client team. It’s reassuring to know how professional every touch with ADS has been.”

Visit ADS at NCAD 2019 in Baltimore, booth 314, or contact us at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2264 or by emailing for more information on the company or on the MedicsCloud Addiction Medicine Clinical and Financial Suite.

About DON Recovery Services: The organization provides a number of behavioral health services involving intellectual and developmental disabilities for adults and children, peer counseling, skills training, physical activity programs, nursing home transitions, and more. In addition to these types of programs, DRS supports an interesting array of additional, related services such as finance and credit counseling, grants, insurance, and more. DRS serves clients in almost thirty counties in PA from Allegheny to Westmoreland and has extensive plans to turn their reach into a much wider regional footprint.

About ADS and the MedicsCloud Addiction Medicine Clinical and Financial Suite: Designed for all levels of care, the Suite is comprised of a certified EHR, mobile connectivity engaging patients/clients and providers, and for enhancing the experience of everyone in the network. Telemedicine, outcomes, and comprehensive billing with a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims, real time claim tracking, on-the-fly denial management, personal responsibility estimator, automated bed management, built-in CRM for tracking marketing campaigns, and more. MedicsRCM is available if revenue cycle management services is preferred. ADS provides timely implementations, comprehensive training and excellent ongoing support with updates. Data conversions from existing systems and interfaces to other systems are available. 

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