Tips for Building a Sports Tech Brand People Will Remember

NEW YORK, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Millennials are much more health-aware than their Gen X counterparts were at the same age, and in recent years, sales of fitness wearable’s and apps designed with health and exercise in mind have taken off. Since the market is so competitive and led by multinational brands, it can be difficult to start a sports tech brand that people will remember. The following tips will help your sports tech brand get its foot in the door and create impressions that customers will remember. Check them out below:

  1. Encourage Feedback and Customer Input. Your current customers are familiar with your brand and purchase your products for certain reasons. Focus on building a strong and loyal customer base by encouraging consumer feedback and input. Send out surveys to current and potential customers, offering them a small incentive for their time and showing them that you value their business and brand loyalty. By focusing on your brand’s strengths and encouraging customer input, consumers will remember what makes your brand different from the competition, increasing salience and brand loyalty in the process.
  2. Innovation. Technology is constantly evolving, improving, and changing, bringing a change in consumer preferences with it. Creating a sports brand that people will remember is all about innovation. Be sure to look into the latest trends in the sports and technological industries and conduct market research regularly to discover what’s up-and-coming before new markets become oversaturated. For example, leading obstacle course racing company, Spartan, led by Carola Jain, agrees that social media is a great tool for brands to use to have open dialogues with customers and obtain insights in real-time. By staying in the loop with consumer trends and opinions, your brand will stay relevant and timely.
  3. Think Globally. The global market for sports tech is huge, so if your brand is exclusively focusing on local markets, it could be worthwhile to expand your global presence. At the very least, consider the growth opportunities your brand were to have if you expanded outside of the United States. The Spartan team and Carola Jain, both agree that global opportunities for growth and product development can help your sports tech brand become one that is memorable not only domestically, but internationally as well. Keep in mind that conducting market research beforehand is essential, and that apps and products will need to be tailored and reconfigured for your brand’s new markets.

Creating a memorable sports tech brand doesn’t happen overnight, and requires large amounts of dedication, creativity, time, and research. The benefits of growing your sports tech brand are clear to see, and are sure to pay off by continuing to staying ahead of trends and engaging with customers.

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