Connexient Launches MSKcompass – Indoor GPS App to Help Patients and Visitors Find Their Way From Home to Appointment

NEW YORK, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Connexient announced today that its new, mobile-based GPS-like application, MSKcompass, is live and available for download by patients and visitors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Westchester (NY) location. The new and easy-to-use app, offers users simple guidance on how to navigate the facility from their personal devices.

In order to illustrate how MSKcompass works, Connexient created a short video [] which captures screen shots of MSKcompass’ custom directory of services. Once downloaded, users can search by department (such as Pharmacy or Radiation Therapy), provider (a physician or nurse), or clinic. Patients and other visitors can also obtain information about parking and navigating to the check-in desk, as well as identify other important locations and services such as the main floor café and restrooms. Users can also click the meet-up feature to rejoin family or friends who may be accompanying them to their appointment.

MSKcompass is available for both Apple and Android platforms, and in multiple languages. Once downloaded, the app seamlessly adapts to the language preferences set by the phone’s user.

“Connexient is thrilled to provide Memorial Sloan Kettering patients and visitors with an innovative and easy-to-use way to navigate its state of the art facility in Westchester,” said Mark Green, Connexient CEO and Co-Founder. “We created the MSKcompass video as a clever way to demonstrate the app features in visual terms.”

The viral video will be broadcast at MSK Westchester on video screens located throughout the facility. This will help raise awareness of the application and provide users with a snapshot of the application’s uses.

MSK Westchester is a state of the art outpatient cancer treatment facility that offers people in the Hudson Valley and in Connecticut the same expert care they would expect from MSK, yet in a location closer to home. The facility opened in 2014 and is easily accessible from most major roadways in Westchester County.

About Connexient:
Connexient ( provides Indoor Mapping, Navigation and Location-based Services to hospitals and healthcare networks with large, complex buildings and campuses. The MediNavTM Navigator Edition Patient Experience solution helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce missed or late appointments and improve HCAHPS scores. 

MediNav™ provides dynamic, turn-by-turn indoor navigation, voice prompts, off-route notifications, visual landmark references and popular features such as MeetMe, Parking Planner, and Find My Car.  This experience is similar to what billions of users have come to expect in the outdoor world with Google Maps or Waze, but now patients and visitors have an indoor guide to get them from home to their appointment.  With over 60 hospital sites and 70 million square feet mapped, Connexient is the clear market leader for digital wayfinding in healthcare.                       

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