United BioSource LLC (UBC) goes live with its new version of UBC Pathways™ Electronic Benefits Verification (eBV) reaching more than 65% of covered lives in America.

BLUE BELL, Pa., March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — UBC, a global leader of late-stage and patient support services, has broadened its electronic benefits verification system, which provides real-time benefit checks to the broadest reach of covered lives in the United States.

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The UBC Pathways Electronic Benefits Verification (eBV) system uses state-of-the-art technology to help patients get started on therapy faster.  As time is of the essence, this comprehensive service clearly and efficiently communicates the therapy coverage and options available including pharmacy channels (mail, retail, or specialty), co-pays, accumulators, and coverage alerts.

UBC Pathways eBV offers the following key features:

  • Through a single, simple interface, the solution uncovers patient pharmacy benefits coverage in seconds, not only finding the pharmacy benefit card, but also determining the best alternative pharmacy channel for the patient including out-of-pocket expenses and coverage alerts.
  • Help patients avoid delays as we align that patient to their best pharmacy option. Identify exclusive, preferred or open pharmacy network options for patients.
  • Identify if a patient is covered by a government or commercial payer to offer appropriate financial support.

Our eBV service is one of the many patient-centric offerings through UBC Pathways™ Connected Health, a proprietary suite of healthcare technology platforms and data analytics solutions, which assists patients with accessing their medications quickly and staying adherent to their prescribed therapy.

UBC’s Ron Lacy, Vice President, Product and Innovation, explains how the solution simplifies the process, “We have leveraged our experience and expertise in running patient support programs with electronic price transparency tools that are now becoming common in the market.  Although the industry is trying to create standards for real time benefit checks, we know that what is required to submit a request, as well as how to interpret a response, can vary greatly depending on how you connect into the marketplace.  We have put an umbrella layer over these tools and made it easy for anyone who uses UBC Pathways™ to get a consistent experience and removed the complexities of connecting into the market.”

“We are excited to see the next generation technology come to fruition.  The promise of an electronic benefit check has been in our industry for years, but now with UBC Pathways™, we can finally marry this great technology with our expert reimbursement specialists.  The technology enables us to automate the simple work, such as finding insurance cards, identifying co-pay amounts, as well as channel requirements.  This frees up our team to focus on the complex, difficult-to-automate activities, including benefit optimization, funding support, education, and care coordination,” adds Nicole Hebbert, Sr. Vice President & Head of Patient Services.

About UBC:

United BioSource LLC (UBC) is a leader in the biopharmaceutical market for integrated, comprehensive clinical, safety, and commercialization services.  UBC brings together renowned scientific research and operations experts with leading-edge technologies, allowing for the best patient and healthcare provider experience.  Comprehensive, end-to-end services cover product and patient population characterization during development and market entry, as well as a focus on the patient experience, safety, and adherence. For additional information, visit the company’s website: www.ubc.com.

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